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The Summer Infant Thermometer Pacifier – for little humans that get sick

Summer Infant Pacifier

Being a new parent is the most difficult thing in the world. You’ve got a tiny human that doesn’t understand how to be a human, and you’ve been a homo-sapien for so long that you often don’t understand what could be scary to someone who’s just starting to learn the ropes. It’s understandable to cry if you’re soiled or hungry, but there are times where you want to rip your hair out wondering what it could possibly be.

If you want to rule out a fever, that means keeping a thermometer near a baby when it’s unhappy for an extended period of time. It’s easy to imagine why they squirm away, as you wouldn’t want people shoving things in your face when you’re not feeling well either. However, if you want to take their temperature, you need to get creative. The Summer Infant Pacifier will help you to understand your new human, and can hopefully keep it quiet in the process.

If your child does have a temperature, it will glow red and beep when things are not well. Should you be interested in keeping track of this sort of information, you’ll be happy to know that this will also show you the last reading as well. There is a protective cover for traveling purposes, and it should be easy to clean. This will cost you around $12, and if nothing else will give you some small moment of peace and quiet.

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