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Suction Powered Sinus Decongestor could provide a good night’s rest

sinus-powered-decongestorSuffering from sinus is no fun at all — ask anyone who has that condition, and they will be able to tell you a thing or two about it. Well, while there has been a fair number of remedies recommended over the centuries when it comes to decongesting your sinus problem, perhaps some 21st century magic will be able to to do the trick. I am referring to the $89.95 Suction Powered Sinus Decongestor that has been touted to be the world’s only nasal irrigation system which will make use of gentle powered suction to relieve sinus congestion without any need for medication.

As standard 20-30 second treatment will allow the cordless irrigator’s battery-powered motor to pull saline rinse from its upper tank via a single nostril, then out the other. Fro there, it will collect everything in the bottom tank. Throughout the entire process, the rinse will flush out sinus-clogging pollen, dust, and mucous, which instantly clears nasal passages for easier breathing. In other words, it will even be able to help reduce snoring. Being different from messy nasal treatments which require one to mix salt packets with water and lean over a sink, this irrigator will create a closed system and employs convenient, neat saline concentrate capsules. You can use it confidently anywhere. It will arrive with a trio of different sized nose pillows, and a couple of AA batteries will keep it running for several months of twice-daily use.