Submersible Wireless Headphones

Waterproof headphones

Normally it isn’t very practicle to listen to music and swim at the same time. You can get waterproof cases for your iPod but personally I wouldn’t take my MP3 player swimming with me in the hope that the latest case was fully waterproof. Well there is now a solution where your iPod stays on dry land as you take a dip; the Sportzjam waterproof wireless headphones.

The Sportzjam consists of a transmitter that you plug in to your favourite player. You then wear a fully waterproof receiver and set of headphones.

It’s designed for the more professional swimmers who have coaches barking them instructions from the side of the pool, so now instead of the swimming coach shouting instructions he can whisper “Please swim a little faster” in your. As the Sportzam can connect to any music player its also a good solution for us amateur swimmers who just want to listen to tunes (so that we don’t have to listen to the annoying over enthusiastic swimming coach).

It’s not a cheap costing $98 but if you enjoy musical swimming then it’s only money :). Available from Sportzjam found via Book of Joe.
Waterproof Headphones

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