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Sub Zero Beer

Coors Sub ZeroI don’t think it’s much of a secret that here at Coolest Gadgets we like the odd beer or three and it’s always a pleasure to find a new drinking gadget to play with or taste test. I’m happy to say we’ve come across a new way to enjoy Coors with the all new Coors Sub Zero.

Sub Zero is the worlds coldest-ever draught beer, served at a chilly minus 2.5ºC. Watching it being served is worth the price alone. It follows the following steps

  • First the glass is rinsed and chilled with cold water, automatically spinning round under the draught tap
  • Whilst the glass is still spinning Coors Lager is dispensed at sub zero temperature
  • Ice crystals form at the top of the glass and like with the Guinness Surger an ultra sonic pulse is fired into the drink to help form the perfect head
  • Finally the outside of the glass is again rinsed with cold water for perfect presentation

The ice crystals are meant to melt in the mouth and keep the drink cool to the last drop. You can see a full video of it being prepared here.

Coors Sub Zero is due out in the UK in the next few months, if you can’t wait that long you can read a bit more about it on ColdDownEasy.

12 thoughts on “Sub Zero Beer”

  1. This was around in the UK briefly a while back called ARC, it was great, the beer glass spinning around looked pretty cool and the ice crystal idea was quite nice. Unfortunately I only knew one pub that did it and it was kind of a gimmick and didn’t take off and disappeared quite quickly. It may do better in a place where the weather’s a bit hotter normally although I certainly could do with one of these right now!

  2. Ive got to say it sounds like a really good idea. Im a big fan of coors fine light, however it really annoys me when its served too warm. Coors fine light is one of those beers that needs to be served really cold to be fully enjoyed. I hope there are some free samples of this “sub zero.”

  3. ^ Molson and Coors are one and the same company, but in any case before they merged, Coors had this technology out in the UK in early 2001 with their ARC beer.

  4. You are correct in saying that Molson-Coors are one and the same now. However, when we started this project they were still seperate entities.

    You are also correct that Coors had this ARC technology in 2001, but it wasn’t commercialized on a large scale or rolled out. In Canada, you can see the Sub Zero Draught Tower installed and working in chains such as Boston Pizza and Jack Astors.

  5. We looked for it around here (BTW, I live within 70 miles of Golden Colorado, the HQ for Coors) and it’s nowhere. A friend called someone “in the know” and apparently, the release will be Europe only for the forseeable future.

    I guess that Coors is trying to find a gimmick that makes you guys with real beer taste willing to drink our weak American pisswater swill 😉


  6. tried this today at “the dial” in burton near where its brewed and its a drink that is totally unique in the way its poured and tastes the pouring is worth the asking price on its own perfect everytime but unfortunatly this morning it tasted like a slush puppie the beer was crisp with a good head and perfect froth all the way to the bottom but not to good at 11.30 sunday morning after a night out i will try this again as the lager was nice all the way. It cost £3.10 a pint but this is in a bar for people who think their somthing their not, not 18 year olds, but its the only place that sells it round here so not to bad should be about same price as a normal pint and is a million times better than kronenburg blanc i tried after it overal about 8/10

  7. im at uni in sunderland in the uk at the moment and one of the bars there has one and i love it! it is the best pint ive ever had and at the same price as a regular fosters at my other fav bar its well worth it!

  8. I would like to point out that all of this sub zero and super chilling the beer was started in Port Perry Ontario Canada by an inventor named Sam Chiusolo who holds patents on the various chilling systems and the sub zero hit the market through Icefloe technologies which is now bankrupt but Sam is still around with more inventions and now has some different super chillers for beer and glassware.Beer continuously pours at sub zero at 2 oz’s per second with no refresh and glassware 50 90 degree glasses chilled down to -3 c in less than 3 minutes with no frost just clear clean super chilled glasses

  9. 2 things:

    SubZero was officially started in Canada, yes…in the UK it was launched as an Extra Cold proposition. In Canada you can find it in a Select 2% of Licensees across the country (approximately 900 bars/restaurants)

    Glasses must be chilled (never frozen) to have the full effect, as when you pour SubZero beer into a warm glass it will chill the glass and warm up the beer, defeating the purpose.

    Kronik, although that sounds great there is one hiccup…can it chill beer to below zero if the draught is pouring at +3C to +10C?


  10. We can take beer from a 25 degree C keg and pour at plus 2 C as well as take beer from a keg room at plus 3 to plus 10 and pour sub zero. we have been doing it for years.

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