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The Suaoki Solar Clover Lantern unfolds to be bright at night

Suaoki Collapsible Solar Lantern

The month of May signifies different things to different people. Having graduated last year, I understand it means final exams, projects, and thesis papers to many, but in the very least it promises a few months of freedom before repeating the cycle. This year I’ve discovered it just means warmer weather that makes me care about leaving my home after work. Regardless of what it means to you, being outside will soon be something we’ll actually want to try without snow coming in to ruin it!

If you’re the sort that loves camping and hiking, then summer is the best season ever! Short weekend trips into the great outdoors can make everything seem better just because you have time away from it all. When facing the wilds, you definitely need water and food, but if you’re going to stay out past your normal bedtime, you’re going to want a light. The Suaoki Solar Clover Lantern could do the job nicely as it is smaller than an iPhone 6 when folded up, and can give you 4 hours of light on the lowest setting while letting you fan out the lampshades as you see fit.

To get a full charge from the sun you’d need 12 hours of direct sunlight, however the USB charging method would only take 3.5 hours. There are settings for low, high, which can go for 2 hours on a full charge, or flashing light for up to four hours. It only weighs about half a pound and will cost you $21.99. While it’s not summer just yet, there’s no harm in planning and preparing for the upcoming good weather.

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