The always stylish Metal Detecting Sandals


Alright so you won’t be setting any kind of fashion statement with these, but the full sized metal detector that is typically seen, isn’t exactly classy either.  So it’s safe to say that most that use a metal detector aren’t entirely concerned with how they look.  Plus this way you don’t have to really carry anything, just wear a goofy pair of sandals and you’re set.  Plus if you’re wearing pants, no one will even see the strange black box attached to your leg.

On the right sandal is a copper coil built into it, that is powered by the awkward looking battery pack that wraps around your leg.  When you come within 2′ of a metal object it alerts you in one of two ways.  It flashes a light and then you can either set it to gently vibrate or give a much louder buzzing noise.  To keep the pack up and going, it requires a 9V battery, which is of course not included.  That battery will get you up to six hours of use while you’re out wandering the beach.  They offer both men’s and women’s sizes.  You can purchase them for $59.95 from Hammacher and Schlemmer.

Source: OhGizmo

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