Stuff-Your-Stuff Theater Set hides projector screen

I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not to pick up a projector and ditch the flat panel TV.  I have my reasons for not making the switch though, one being that it’s a hefty investment that I’m not willing to make at this particular point.  One major perk, despite the price, is a projector can easily take up less space and look better.  If it weren’t for the giant roll on the wall, when the screen is put away, there is really nothing that has to be left out at all times.  That means that all technology can easily be hidden away, well with this shelf even the screen can stay concealed.

This massive shelf from Pottery Barn gives you even more storage space for various items, while also giving a spot to hide the screen.  When the screen is being used it rolls down to fill the entire frame of the shelf.  To accommodate your tech toys even more nicely, there are four fixed shelves that have cutouts for cords.  The espresso colored shelf used to be priced at $1,999.  Thankfully it’s gone down in price but is still set at a very pricey $1,299.

Source: OhGizmo