The StrongBoard Balance Board makes sitting a real workout

Strong Board Balance Board

When you’re sitting at your desk, do you slump back into your seat trying to meld your spine to the chair in hopes of being more comfortable? Or are you the type that tries to sit perfectly upright the entire time your bum touches the cushion? When you try to sit upright, you’re activating a lot more core muscles than just giving in to the chair cushion. Of course, that’s only a small amount compared to the ball chairs that make you use all of your core muscles just to stay upright.

If you’re looking for ways to up your sitting game whether you’re in front of a computer or just reading the paper in the morning, this StrongBoard Balance Board might be able to help you out. This consists of two boards with super rigid springs in the middle. The idea is to sit atop the upper board on a flat surface, and your core muscles will have to constantly adjust themselves to keep you sitting upright.

This would mean you need to be on the floor to use this, but not everyone likes sitting in chairs as high as a dining room table. Of course, if you are blessed with a versatile standing desk, you could also stand atop this and get the same sort of micro-movement core workout. In addition to more stationary exercises, you can also do push-ups, planks, incorporate weights and more to get an in-depth workout. This is a $269-289 purchase, and you can get it in black and grey with spring colors of red, blue, purple, pink, orange, black, yellow, or white.