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Be Seen with Strobe Light Clothing

If you’re a jogger or cyclist being seen at night is pretty important unless you want a close car encounter followed by an infirmary visit. Reflectors and lights are pretty good but their not a path on these strobes.

Stridelite and Cyclite are jackets and clothing specially designed for runners and cyclist, not only do they have the latest in reflective technology but the clothing is encompasses strobe lights so like a boat will see a light house a car driver will notice you. Hopefully it won’t dazzle the driver so much he’s blinded.

You can buy and get further info from the Stridelite site.

3 thoughts on “Be Seen with Strobe Light Clothing”

  1. I would seriously get one of these right now but sadly I dont think they ship to Australia and for that price I would rather get a jacket made from Gore-Tex instead.

  2. Would like to purchase a hardshell strobe jacket and would like to get it sent to Austria. Unfortunately I have not been able to get through on the phone or via email. Please contact me on stated mail adress.

    Thank you

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