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The Stretchwrite can make any writing utensil a stylus


We like the idea of using a stylus, but if you also like writing with a pen or pencil it’s just one more thing to carry around. There are pens that have an integrated stylus, but if it wears out or breaks, you lose two tools in one go. What if there were a way to make any writing utensil into a stylus that could be easily transferred from one host to the next?

Instead of acting as a cap that could easily fall off, the Stretchwrite is a cover that will not only act as a stylus, but will also give you a little extra padding on your writing implement. This is a hollow tube with a stylus nub on one end and a hollow point on the other that is made of soft silicone. You will be able to stretch it over your the tool you think you’ll use most that day, and will have access to both at once, with the option to switch it out should the situation demand it.

This is very easy to use, and would also be a snap to keep clean. You can get one of these in a combination two pack in red and gray, or blue and pink. They’ll only cost you $9.99 for two, which is infinitely cheaper than most fancy styluses out there. While they may not be the most advanced on the market, and look like they might be more aimed at students, they’ll certainly get the job done.

Available for purchase on felixbrand, found via redferret


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