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The Stretching Clock

Somehow I doubt there are a whole lot of people that don’t do that morning stretch.  It loosens up all of those muscles after a full night of a very small amount of movement.  Well this clock actually uses your morning stretch to shut off the alarm.  Which is a whole lot better than stretching while you have to listen to beeping or slamming on the clock and then stretching afterward.

There are arms inside of the pillow, in order to make the alarm stop you have to pull on those arms in the same way you’d usually stretch yourself out.  There is both a child and an adult version of this.  Concealed just inside the edge of the pillow is a small clock to show you the time.  That means you don’t need a nightstand with a way too bright clock and you can sleep in peace.  Unfortunately this is just a design so far, but perhaps Seung-hee Ryu’s design will get picked up by one of the many alarm clock obsessed manufacturers.

Source: YankoDesign

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