StressWatch tells you its time to relax

stresswatch-thumb-550x363-24764My source called the StressWatch “the mood ring of the 21st century”, but all I can say about it is that someone should have invented it a long time ago.

After all, we live in an age where people wake up at ungodly hours, go to demeaning jobs, come home to face family issues, and barely have time to wind down before they go to sleep. In short, we live in age where everyone is under stress. And if that doesn’t stress you out, then you don’t need the StressWatch.

As you can see from the pic, there is a black bar graph to show your stress levels. The blues and greens that you see there means that you are mellow, but pink, red or orange means you’re one stressed out fellow. I am going to assume that it reads your pulse, sweat from your wrist, or something.

Not only that, it can also tell the time. So that way you can get to your next appointment, so that you can always stay ahead and…I suppose that deadlines are the source of our stress, isn’t it? Just breathe deep and think calming thoughts to get back into the safe zone.

Well, this device is merely concept as now, but it deserves to be made reality. I could use a little reduced stress now.

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