Stress Eraser provides some much needed calm


The rat race of today is certainly more stressful than the relatively more peaceful lives our ancestors lived out as we have an ever expanding list of items to contend with. Sometimes, our bodies just scream for a break from it all, and yet the situation at work just does not allow us to do so. What can a cubicle prisoner do in order to ease some tension? Apart from taking drugs (which is highly not recommended), you can always perform breathing exercises that automatically help relax your body. Those with more time on their hands can always pick up the ancient art of Qigong, but it isn’t exactly easy to master and will probably send the blood pressure of impatient people skyrocketing instead. With gadgets invading virtually every aspect of our lives, what’s another addition to the family that is capable of optimizing your breathing pattern? Dubbed the Stress Eraser, this portable biofeedback device trains you to optimize your breathing via a series of activities.

The feedback received will then be used to coach the user further steps. The display on the Stress Eraser will be able to display simple data visualization graphics and breath waves which help you synchronize your breathing to stimulate specific nerves. All you need to do is place a finger in the pulse sensor, synchronize your breathing with what you see on the display, and you ought to feel a whole lot better immediately. Those interested in the Stress Eraser will be able to pick one up for $299.

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