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Strawberry Smart Benches are solar-powered

Strawberry-Smart-BenchAs we continue to rely on a myriad of portable devices to keep our lives moving along at a decent pace, one thing is for sure – we would need to ensure that these portable devices have enough juice as and when required, and that would mean bringing around a suitable or compatible charger wherever we go. Of course, solar powered chargers have started to come into their own in recent times, and it makes perfect sense, too – after all the sun does provide an ample amount of energy never mind the fact that solar panels are not all that efficient just yet, but something is better than nothing, especially during times of disaster. Enter the solar-powered Strawberry Smart Benches that have recently been unveiled at London’s Canary Wharf.

The Strawberry Smart Benches supposedly represent reliable and smart city infrastructure that have been specially constructed in order to meet the daily needs of the mobile generation, as these benches are more than capable of delivering on-the-go access to energy so that mobile devices can be juiced up. All four of the benches have been specially designed in order to suit the needs of any district which is moving in the direction of the smart city concept.

These benches have been installed across the estate, at Jubilee Park, Cabot Square, Westferry Circus, and in front of Crossrail Station in Canary Wharf. Other than providing juice for power hungry smartphones, tablets and portable music players, the Strawberry Smart Benches are also capable of tracking air quality as well as noise levels in the surrounding area, sporting an emergency call button that is linked to the Canary Wharf Help Estate Centre. It also motivates users to chat and spend more time outdoors, and public reactions to the Strawberry Smart Benches have been strong in the positive sense, partly due to the elegant and striking design by Belgrade-based architect Miloš Milivojević. It would be nice to see future cities sport such a bench, don’t you think so?

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