Stranger Door Knocker

Stranger Door Knocker
I think if you ever didn’t want people showing up at your house and disturbing you, this gadget would do the trick. The Stranger Door Knocker is an old-fashioned looking door knocker with part of an arm hanging from it.

The knocker is fastened to your door with a suction cup and features a motion sensor that detects anyone approaching your door. When the sensor notices motion within a certain distance, the remainder of the arm begins knocking on the door. I think after seeing that I might not want to stick around to see what kind of person lives inside!

The arm looks real enough to throw someone off especially since they will just see it from a distance when it begins to knock. It is 17″ long and requires 3 AA batteries to operate.

I think I would really like to try one of these out and scare my friends or the paper boy! It also might let you know when someone’s coming near your door, although I don’t know if it would be my first choice for home security ;).

The Stranger Door Knocker is available for $14.99 and is available from Fright Catalog.

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