Storm Launcher All Terrain R/C

Storm Launcher
Some R/C toys go on land, others water, and even some in the air. The Storm Launcher combines all three of these terrains to create a pretty sweet R/C vehicle/plane/boat combination.

There aren’t any wheels on the Storm Launcher, but it speeds across all sorts of surfaces, including grass, sand, and concrete. You can easily cross over from land to water and rip across that, too. Most importantly though you can take to the air whenever you feel like it, just watch out for trees otherwise your Storm Launcher is as good as gone.

At the heart of this thing is the remote control, which looks pretty complex for a kids toy, but it does handle a lot. There are even beginner modes for learning the basics and advanced modes for doing the tricks.

You won’t achieve any record flight times, as the craft is powered by a rechargeable LIPO battery. When purchasing from the Storm Launcher site, the battery is included, however other stores will charge $30 for the battery and charger combination.

While you won’t be “wowed” away with the Storm Launcher, kids will love being able to go from land, to water, to air, and right back again. Just make sure it’s done in an open area or keep an extra one lying around. If purchased from a store, the Storm Launcher will cost your $70, plus another $30 for the battery. The Storm Launcher site offers a bundle that comes with the battery and a few other accessories which goes for $120.

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