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The Storm Electric Bike ramps up the eBike game

Storm EBike

In an age where time management is of the utmost importance, we have to think very carefully about how we approach our days. Is it easier to walk to work while carrying everything you need for the day, drive and find parking, or use a mode of personal transport like a bike where you’ll have to worry about locking it up or bringing it into work? If your commute is just long enough that walking is out of the question, but driving seems a bit silly, then the latter of those options is probably your best choice.

However, mustering the strength to ride in every day is not always going to happen. This is where an eBike would be a wonderful option. If you don’t have a bicycle or are in need of a new one, it can be a costly endeavor to purchase and install a conversion kit. You won’t escape spending several hundred dollars on this choice either way, but the Storm Electric Bike seems to be a notable option. This is a very versatile eBike with all terrain tires, a 380 watt motor, and can go up to 20 miles per hour.

This weighs 45 pounds, and can go anywhere from 30-50 miles on one charge. This weight will make it difficult to stow depending on your work situation, but that will be a case-by-case basis. You’ll be looking at a charge time of 90 minutes, which means you wouldn’t have to wait around long to be back on the road again. This is currently available for crowdfunding for $499 ($599 if you wait until the 6th), and looks like it will be quite the promising purchase should things follow through on time. Of course, it is planned to bump up to $1,299 once crowdfunding ends, so you don’t have long to decide.

More information is available on Indiegogo