Stonebake Pizza Oven

Everybody loves pizza – just ask the Ninja Turtles and they’ll tell you just how many tons of cheese and pepperoni they have consumed over the years with Master Splinter. Enter the Stonebake Pizza Oven that makes baking your own pizza so easy, you’d best get a more intensive exercise routine to help fight the calories that come with loads of pizza.

As well as an upper grill, this brilliant gizmo features a spinning stone element that imparts a unique stonebaked flavour to your favorite circular snacks. Simply pop in a pizza – frozen, fresh, pre-baked, whatever – adjust the dual timer, close the lid and Giovanni’s your uncle. You can even watch the cheese bubbling via a viewing panel in the lid. The intense heat generated by this mains-powered baby delivers an authentic-tasting pizza with a gorgeously crispy base before you can say ‘quattro formaggi’. (Well maybe a bit longer). Even a fresh pizza takes only 10 minutes. If you prefer your Giuseppe a little sloppier, just adjust the timer. As soon as the Stonebake Pizza Oven starts to work its magic, the heady aroma of stonebaked dough fills the air. It’s just like being in a Neapolitan pizzeria. If you ever tire of pizza (as if), this idiot-proof appliance comes with a special deep dish for cooking all kinds of delicious snacks: from omelettes and pasties to quiches and croissants. Enormous ovens? Who needs ’em.

You can bring home the Stonebake Pizza Oven for just £49.95.