Stixtoy Gun helps your little ones get started young

stixtoyThe wild, wild west has always been the bedrock of many an interesting yarn to listen to, and even until today, there are young and impressionable kids out there who would love to live out the life of a sheriff, hunting down outlaws and making sure that those who practice a life of crime will not be able to reap the temporary rewards that accompany it. For that young one of yours who does seem to have a penchant for guns, the £14.99 Stixtoy Gun might be a reasonable purchase for the coming holiday season.

With it, you are more than free to come up with your very own rubberband toy gun, and it would be interesting to see dads fight with their kids for ownership of this puppy. I say, why not get two of these bad boys and run riot around the home? Those who can remember how in their younger days, they used rubberbands with twigs and branches to create their own “gun”, but why not let someone do all the work for you while you start to device your next “stick-up”? Who knows, it could very well be a raid on the kitchen for that prized cookie jar and its contents.