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Stila Makeup Case comes with built-in speakers


When women travel, their makeup case goes with them, wherever they’re getting ready, that case is typically right there.  Having a simple case always makes getting ready far less chaotic.  Then if you add your favorite music to the combination, it makes for a more soothing morning.  This Stila case manages to give both by having speakers actually built into in order to hook up your MP3 player.

The Stila case has plenty of compartments to keep your makeup where you can actually find all of it.  To top things off it actually includes some makeup, like foundation, eye shadow, lip glaze and convertible color for your lips as well as cheeks.  Along with the speakers, it has a DVD beautytube and an instruction card.  The entire case and kit is being sold for $69.99.  Normally, I hate makeup kits, but this one might actually be worth the money.

Source:  CraziestGadgets

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