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The Stikk Gel Pads will let you put everything everywhere

Stikk Gel Pad Use

There is a place for everything, and it’s always nice when things are neatly tucked away before one day of rushing undoes it all. If you’re notorious for shoving things in drawers and forgetting about them, then you likely need better organizational systems in place. Having everything visible and easy to access not only makes life easier, but will give you a great deal of mental peace being able to see that things are as they should be.

If you are in need of some ways to get your mess cleaned up, then why not get an army of Stikk Gel Pads? These are double-sided sticky pads that you can put on just about anything, and have most everything temporarily adhere to them until you’re ready to remove your item. Well, anything that weighs up to 12.5 ounces if you’re only using one pad that is. It could most definitely hold flash drives, pencils, phones, cables, and more, and for those who are feeling adventurous you can use multiple pads to hang bigger objects.

Your entire home decorum could be stuck to the walls with these gel pads and none would be the wiser. This would be perfect for dorms or other non-permanent living situations where you don’t want to get in trouble for poking the walls, or any home that just wants a place to put stuff. These are re-usable as you only need to wash them off with water and let them dry to have it good as new again. You can also cut this into smaller pieces for different jobs. These will cost you $6-60 depending on how many you’d like to get.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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