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STIGA Table Football

Foosball – or table football, if you prefer to be more formal, can now be purchased in a much more affordable manner thanks to the STIGA Table Football from Firebox. This unique piece of home furniture (if you can call it that) retails for £59.99 while improving on traditional foosball by offering a smaller playing area, not to mention the classic 4-3-3 formation being stripped down to a leaner six-a-side game. Hey, sounds a whole lot more like futsal now!
There are six control rods at your disposal to move your players up as well as down the field, while your goalie remains on his line with the ability to make saves which would make Gordon Banks proud. Twiddle the rods and players will spin on the spot, making passes, shots at goal, heck – even tackling and defending to boot. Perfect to kill off those boring indoor moments.

3 thoughts on “STIGA Table Football”

  1. Highly recommended to anyone that likes football. I’ve got two, one from the eighties and another from the nineties, even an ice hockey version. The way it allows you to play both slow delicate passing and dribbling, to fast direct pass and shoot tactics makes it fun to play. Just talking about it makes me wanna play it again haha

  2. I am from Sweden, the home country of Stiga as well as Ice Hockey, whatever those Canadians might say 😉 I can really recommend the ice hockey version which since I was a kid (a loooong time ago) has been a classic in every Swedish home!

  3. Love this game, love the company. I have Stiga hockey and Football.
    Hi to all my Swedish friends… but,
    sorry… hockey is a Canadian game!

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