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The STIGA SensorScore Table Tennis System sets the record straight


For those that get competitive, it is imperative that everyone knows what the current score is. It pushes you to focus more if you’re behind, and gives you adrenaline when you’re doing well. The same is true across the board for any type of point-based game whether it’s football or table tennis. If you’ve ever played the latter, then you know how easy it is to lose track of the score.

 While most people can be fine with casually batting a ball back and forth, there are those of you who will want the STIGA SensorScore for your home setup. That is, assuming you like table tennis enough to have a table at home in the first place. This is a fully-automated system that uses the ball’s nano-vibrations to determine the score. Just make sure that the table isn’t any thicker than regulation 1” thick or it won’t pick up much of anything. It consists of two table sensors and 1 net sensor, showing the scores one atop the other in orange and blue digits.

In addition to detecting and keeping the score, it will announce the current stats and when it’s time to change serves. If you don’t want to rely on it alone, there’s also a control box that will allow you to manipulate the scores manually. Stay honest, folks. You’ll get the score display, integrated net and sensors in this setup, all of which are very easy to install on your preexisting table. This will cost you around $72, and needs 4 AA batteries to function.

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