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Sticky Note Wristwatch – a Note to Self

I have a lot of things to remember. I am constantly trying to file my bills properly by due date and write other stuff down on a calendar so that I don’t forget. Lately, I have turned to Post-It notes in order to remind me of the more important things, so now they are stuck all over my house, on my computer, my fridge and my bathroom mirror, problem is… the minute I leave the house… they don’t help me anymore. Luckily, I found the Sticky Note Wrist Watch, made from yellow paper and adhesive similar to your more common Post-It note cube, these sticky little wristwatch silhouettes are ready to hold your most pertinent information and serves as the proverbial string around your finger when it comes time to remind you of just what it is that you need to get done. Simply scribble your notes on the pad and place it around your wrist, never again will you forget to pick up milk, or mail that letter. Between the little yellow bangle, and people asking “what the heck is that on your wrist?” you will have a constant reminder of whatever you needed to know. The Sticky Note Wristwatch is also bound to be useful on college campuses everywhere, helping students “remember” test answers or telephone numbers. You can get a single 100 page pad at for around 13 bucks, and yes, it does seem rather expensive for a note pad, but how do you put a price on efficiency? The only thing that concerns me now is how I’m going to remember to get one. ]]>