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Steve Aoki Micro Kickboard Carry-On Luggage Scooter sports a Bluetooth speaker

micro-kickboardWe happen to live in an age where there are plenty of convergence going on – especially where the devices that we own are concerned. Take for instance, the modern day smartphone. It no longer just helps one to keep in touch with another through a voice call or simple text message, it is more or less a portable productivity tool for some, allowing you to make a short rewrite of a particular document, find your way around an unfamiliar city, or even to snap photos, record videos, and to watch your favorite movie that has been sized down to such a small data footprint. Well, fancy this particular piece of convergence creation, the $429.99 Steve Aoki Micro Kickboard Carry-On Luggage Scooter? It does come with a Bluetooth speaker to boot, now how about that for versatility?

This is a kickboard and carry-on all in one, where the famous Micro Luggage comes with a range of new and optimized features, kicking off with the Steve Aoki Dim Mak design. Just like the previous models, the steering will be based on the principle of weight transfer, and thanks to a spanking new mechanism, the entire ride is a whole lot more fluid than ever before. It tips the scales at 4.6kg, and will have a case capacity of 26 lbs, where the new extendable handlebar would enable another 10cm of extra length so that you can pull your scooter behind you as you get around. The built-in Sound2Go speakers will play nice via Bluetooth, and best of all is, this Steve Aoki Micro Luggage is TSA Approved.