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Stereocap is a new pair of stylish headphones for the young and vibrant

stereocapI think it is safe to say that many of us already happen to own at least a single pair of headphones in our collection of devices and peripherals. Perhaps some of us have one pair that is dedicated for gaming purposes while there is another pair that is meant for audio performance, while yet another pair is used to handle conference calls and the like. Regardless, you might want to explore picking up yet another pair of headphones, in the form of the Stereocap. The Stereocap will merge a user’s love of music, fashion and unique style, where it will drop the pretenses of standard headphones that are more often than not uncomfortable or too cumbersome to wear with a cap or hat, while earbuds fail to provide the same sound quality or comfort level as headphones. Stereocap headphones will boast of an innovative notch design that makes them a perfect fit to wear with caps.

Stereocap headphones were designed with both comfort and function in mind, not to mention to deliver overall aesthetic appeal. The foam as well as the end-caps on the earpieces are easily removed and interchangeable so that they can create a personalized look. The team behind the Stereocap headphones shared, “For all those who wish to stand out from the traditional, finally there is a headphone that can highlight your own unique style. Interchangeable accessories such as foams and caps can be customized to match your personal brand, mood or outfit.”

Stereocap headphones happen to be totally wireless, where they also boast the ability of being fully recharged in under an hour. One single, full charge will be able to last up to 12 hours in call mode, 18 hours in music mode and 450 hours in standby. Stereocaps come with ANC (Active Noise Control) technology, which delivers heightened sound quality by eliminating all external noise interference. They also happen to be Bluetooth equipped, letting them be linked to a smartphone and used to answer phone calls, or to listen to messages without worrying about privacy being invaded. Stereocap headphones will play nice with the slew of major mobile and wearable devices, from iOS to Android and Windows.

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  1. I must challenge the assertion that earbuds “fail to provide the same sound quality or comfort level as headphones.” I just had occasion to test the Sennheiser Momentum on-ear Bluetooth headphones against three of my favorite pairs of ear buds — the wireless Jabra Sport and Sol Republic Shadows, and the Sennheiser wired noise-cancelling earbuds — and IMO the buds sounded every bit as good AND provided superior comfort compared to the cumbersome cans. In short, if you want to wear cans, it’s only because you wish to make a hipster/doofus fashion statement, not because you want the best sound or comfort…

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