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Stem Gem does away with strawberry heads within seconds

Folks who love eating strawberries and cream will find that beheading strawberries could prove to be the only damper in the entire experience, so why not make your life a whole lot easier with the Stem Gem from Firebox? This nifty little £6.99 device is a snap to use, as it will remove strawberry stems quickly without wasting too much of the fruit. All you need to do is push the button to open the Stem Gem’s stainless steel claw, ensure the strawberry is pushed into the top so that twisting and pulling will remove the stem. Just to give your depreciating money more value, this works with tomatoes as well!

2 thoughts on “Stem Gem does away with strawberry heads within seconds”

  1. I can de-stem a strawberry in a few seconds with a paring knife (angled twirl technique), but this device may be of use to my son who’s in his acne years.

  2. Get a powerful juicer and put entire fruit with stems and all- most of nutrients come from the stem you morons!

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