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SteelSeries is back again with World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse: Legendary Edition

If you’re going to walk over to the sales counter the next time you drop by a computer store (which is reasonably well stocked, I would assume) and pick up a gaming mouse, make sure you take a nice, long breath. This will of course, apply only to those who want to pick up the SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse: Legendary Edition. Don’t you think that that is a mouthful to speak? Heck, my fingers groan at the thought of typing it out in full, thank the heavens for Ctrl + C! This is the latest gaming mouse that was specially given the SteelSeries treatment which will target Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft MMORPG. This custom peripheral is set to be a boon for World of Warcraft players, where this finely crafted “weapon” of precision intends to achieve a balance of style and function in a single piece of hardware. Not only does it look sleek, it is also far more compact than normal so that you can get your game on even on a notebook. There is the vaunted in-game integration that makes this mouse such a joy to use, not to mention superior illumination so that you are able to continue gaming even when all the lights around you are turned off, with software functionality enhanced for an unforgettable gaming experience. According to Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO, “We’ve established an incredible partnership with Blizzard Entertainment and the amazing World of Warcraft community. We’ve taken all the excellent suggestions and feedback we’ve received, merged it with the latest gaming technology, and come up with a truly unique lineup of MMO Mice for World of Warcraft players. The new Legendary Edition allows us to meet the needs of gamers looking for a smaller, less complex gaming mouse that delivers the same impressive functionality found in the original and Cataclysm versions.” Boasting 16.8 million illumination color options and 11 programmable buttons, this ergonomic mouse offers an intuitive drag & drop interface of the SteelSeries software that will allow one to program all 11 buttons with over 130 preset game commands to enjoy, where you can also create custom macros and/or use the in-game macro scripting language. There is a 6.5-foot braided nylon cable that would spell the end of unwanted tangles. Interested? This mouthful of a gaming mouse retails for $79.99 or €69.99 apiece. Product Page ]]>

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