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SteelSeries World of Warcraft mouse

Gaming mice are dime a dozen these days, but that doesn’t mean companies should just stop innovating and come out with new models to tantalize our senses and tempt us to part with our hard earned money, right? SteelSeries shares this sentiment, and over the past few months their engineers have been huddled up in some top secret underground laboratory in order to come up with the new World of Warcraft MMO mouse. Yes, you read that right – a mouse named after one of the most popular MMORPGs on the earth ever. Strange how at the height of Quake’s popularity, you never really come across stuff like a Quake FPS mouse or a StarCraft RTS mouse, but this time we have an MMORPG mouse?! More on this electronic rodent after the jump.

What’s up with this mouse, anyways? Well, one thing’s for sure – World of Warcraft players who are serious about their character will probably lap up just about any tie-in with the game, so expect this SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO mouse to do OK at the very least in terms of sales figures. Just in time for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion too, I might add. With 15 programmable buttons (that’s three times the number of fingers you have on a hand!) to choose from, you will be able to perform just about all your WoW moves at the click of a button. The inclusion of flashing disco lights are a rather corny touch, although some other people might see it to be appealing instead. The price to pay? $90 a pop, but good thing it looks pretty well built, since those dropping such good money on this peripheral will probably have a pretty empty social calendar anyways in the first place.

Other features include 16 million (!) illumination choices, pre-defined macros, a 2 meter cable, an adjustable CPI range of 800 to 3,000 and a 3.6mm lift distance.

Product Page via Gizmodo

5 thoughts on “SteelSeries World of Warcraft mouse”

  1. As said this is not a requirement to play and enjoy the game but as a tank I personally find that I need those extra few buttons with Wrath of the Lich King, that I just cannot fit in quick to reach locations on my keyboard so the extra buttons are really going to be a help to me. Pretty much a novelty product especially with the silly lighting options but still a good idea.

  2. I just received my SS Wo.W mouse and i am having some issues with it.

    I had one on order for 6 months up here in Canada, but found it on a shelf in the states over the weekend.

    I’d read the poor reviews, but wanted to satisfy my curiosity after all this time, so I disposed of some disposable income and picked one up.

    For starters my buttons feel like they’re made out of cheap ass plastic, as in really cheap ass for the $ i paid..WTF?!?

    It gives me the tingles in my fingers and i thought i had a major issue with RSI after playing for 5 hours straight but no, apparantly it’s some issue where there’s electricity being leaked out onto the chasis. I want to return mine but their tech support hasn’t gotten back to me. So much for money well spent.

    I think im going to hit up a G5 or the mamba, which is kinda too expensive. there’s even a bunch of guys suing blizzard for it at for flouting the TOS. sign up if you’re facing problems with your mouse!

    seems like there’s so much complaints about the mouse in every forum i searched for. wtf

  3. People! Dont waste money for those things. If u need comfort and macro keys take Belkin N52 Nostromo, Saitek Command Unit or even G13 which is however not quite cool as it seems. Then take some good mouse with macro keys – i use a4tech 738k and you are complete. Nothing else needed for good playing in WoW. Those devices are MUUUUCH more comfortable than mouse with 15 buttons.

  4. I think I rather have this mouse then some kinda special keyboard. I might play with some weird buttons, but I have like 15 keys I really use and I could use some extra on my mouse for some real quit actions. However I wont need 15 buttons on it 🙂 But I’ll stay with my G5 for now, maybe in Cata I will get this mouse.

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