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Steel Series Apex Keyboard – Just try to stop me

Apex Steel Series Keyboard
There are a lot of choices in terms of keyboards out there for gamers. They always tout having the least amount of latency, extra keys, backlighting, and more features than you have fingers for. Each seems to be more dazzling than the next, but how many of us actually use all of these fancy additions to their fullest?

The Apex Keyboard comes to us from SteelSeries, a company known for its production of quality gaming gear. Judging from the title, this piece of hardware is meant to be the top of the top, with no competition being able to match its greatness. Of course, there will always be one better, but this is a pretty snazzy keyboard. Instead of having regular backlit keys, it has 5 different zones which can all be lit in a huge variety of colors so you know which section controls what.

There are 22 macro keys, with 4 different layers (each layer has its own button on the keyboard), and a SteelSeries button will allow you additional functionality like disabling the Windows key so you don’t have any unfortunate mishaps. These keys are very low profile, and the ‘w’ has two bumps on it so your fingers will be able to quickly realize where they should be so you can get back to the action. For all of those music lovers, there are independent media buttons that will give you all the normal volume controls, skip, back, and more. This will cost you $99, but good luck on actually using this to its fullest potential. For those of you who are wondering, this is not mechanical. While this might not be the first pick of professional gamers, it seems that those of us who play casually (or more than we should) would get plenty of enjoyment out of this piece of hardware.

Available for purchase at SteelSeries

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