Steampunk USB Flash Drive

OK, so we realize that Steampunk gadgetry might be so last month, but we couldn’t resist sharing this excellent USB flash drive. The second our gaze met the vision of this Russian-made peripheral, we knew that many other cheap USB thingamabobs just wouldn’t measure up any longer.

We haven’t quite gotten past our Steampunk phase. So sue us (please don’t.) There’s something about the metallic hand-polished brass and copper that makes us feel like we’re living in a cyber punk sci-fi novel, and what geek hasn’t wished for that once or thrice.

To check out some close-ups of the gorgeous flash drive, hop over to the forum (which we have lovingly linked below, fully translated in English), as well as a chance to witness the creation of a wooden case for the device which truly adds a Steam piece of flair.

Of course, the Steampunk USB drive, much like all Steampunk products, would look even cooler when partnered up with other Steampunk gadgets, such as the Steampunk Webcam and Steampunk Laptop.

Forum Page via Pocket-Lint

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