Steampunk Mouse uses a sheep skull


There is steampunk and then there is the spooky morbid form of steampunk.  This would be the morbid kind, obviously.  Despite that it is truly morbid and somewhat wrong, you have to admit that they did a great job with this mouse and it’s most definitely a very original mouse.  Somehow I doubt you’ll ever run into one like it.  This skull mouse is also bound to turn heads, of course it might then scare off the people that happen to see it.

It’s made out of a sheep’s skull as well as brass of course.  The creator, Ivan Mavrovic, does want to reassure people that the poor sheep died of a natural death.  He didn’t kill the sheep just to create a sadistic looking mouse.  That was nice of him.  Of course, this is an original work of art and  you won’t be able to buy your own anywhere.  You could however attempt to create your own though, but please try to find an already dead sheep to borrow a skull from.

Source: Technabob