Steampunk iRetrofone iPhone Base

Finding the proper iPhone dock to really represent your iPhone can be tricky business.  Especially if you’re a very particular person who prefers to keep their gadgets as unique as humanly possible.  Thankfully there are enough hard working men and women out there that strive to make interesting accessories for all sorts of gadgets.  One example of that is the iRetrophone-Steampunk iPhone Base.

It’s completely hand-sculpted and made out of cold cast copper, with extreme attention to detail.  For those of you worried about radiation, you’re in luck with this base.  Thanks to the base, they say it gets rid of radiation problems.  It can accommodate sync and charge options through a USB cable that you’ll have to provide yourself.  The base is compatible with all iPhones.  You can purchase one for $450 through Etsy.

Source: Ubergizmo