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Steampunk Cuff adds some flavor to your cosplay attempt

steampunk-cuffsLet’s face it – Halloween is a time where many people are invited to different kinds of parties, where they will dress up in all sorts of fancy dresses and try to look their darndest best. The thing is, you will also need to have realistic looking accessories to go along with your overall theme and costume, and for those who have a penchant for the steampunk era, perhaps making sure you pick up the $39.99 Steampunk Cuff would make plenty of sense. After all, we think that wearing this on one hand, and a Tesla Watch on the other would be a winning combination that is pleasing to the eyes.

Basically, the Steampunk Cuff works this way – it is a hinged cuff bracelet that secures with a screw pin. During the manufacturing process, it made use of machined aluminum with antique copper finish in order to look as realistic as possible, letting you sneak it a little bit of steampunk as well into your everyday dressing. This is an unisex aluminum cuff, so it does not matter if you are male or female, you will still be able to wear it without missing a beat.

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