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Stealth Pro GPS tracker does its job professionally

gps-trackingI suppose you can say that GPS trackers are dime a dozen out there, although there are some others out there which are a whole lot better or more powerful than vanilla flavored versions. From the name alone, the Stealth Pro GPS tracker speaks volumes, as it claims to be able to perform its job in a professional manner, thanks to the folks over at the GPS Tracking Group. The Stealth Pro is best described as a spanking new all-in-one, real-time GPS tracker, where this particularly innovative device functions as a complete solution for professional GPS tracking and long-term asset tracking.

It will feature unique aspects such as superior GPS and cellular electronics, multiple internal antennas for extreme position accuracy, high-capacity internal battery, wireless pad charging support and embedded internal magnets all fitted within a compact, rugged sealed case.

Being one of the latest releases from the GPS Tracking Group, you can be sure that the Stealth Pro GPS tracker would be able to find its way into the hands of a variety of parties who would find it useful – such as private investigators, security solutions, law enforcement and retail asset protection. Among the rest of its applications would include real time vehicle tracking, high value asset tracking, surveillance, and security, among others.

The Stealth Pro GPS tracker comes across as a compact, lightweight device that sports no external charging cables whatsoever, and there is also no pelican case with bulky external magnet and no external battery. Seems to be a dream device to carry around, don’t you think so? It also boasts of a virtually indestructible, waterproof outer casing, and it has been specially developed in order to make it resemble that of a natural part of a vehicle for ultimate stealth. The single-charge battery life is touted to be able to last for up to a year thanks to the brand new deep sleep mode. It will also come with customizable software that is simple and easy-to-use, and delivers mobile access for iOS and Android.

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