SteakChamp Thermometer – Get your Steak Done Right!

SteakChamp Thermometer for grill

I don’t know what it is about me, but I am certified as barbecue-challenged. I can cook like a wannabe gourmet, but when it comes to the grill, I just can’t seem to get it right. It would be nice to be able to grab those uber-expensive cuts of steak off the coals in their intended state of “doneness” But they’re always over cooked, or bleeding, even when you prepare them on a top-rated indoor grill. We know that this can get be very frustrating and you might be wondering yourself: Why can’t I get it right?

Well, now I have a helping hand, in the form of  a thermometer, the SteakChamp Thermometer, which finally takes the guesswork out of grilling the perfect steak! You simply activate SteakChamp by popping it into the red activator for just a second, then you insert the SteakChamp sideways, into your gorgeous piece of raw steak. Continue by cooking your steak as desired, turning it several times. When a fast double flashing signal appears, you take the steak off the grill and allow it to “rest” and reabsorb all its juicy goodness – your steak is finally perfect when the double flashing signal stops. Commence feasting.

Individual thermometers come calibrated to your desired states of doneness, including Rare (120°F), Medium Rare (130°F), Medium (140°F) and Medium Well (150°F). The SteakChamp thermometer is made of stainless steel, and plastic, and is NOT dishwasher safe, so hand wash only. And please, don’t bother using them in any measly steaks that are under an inch thick, go for a nice thick filet! If you’d like to get your steaks right, get a SteakChamp, for under 50 bucks at I’m thinking my Fathers Day shopping is done!