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Steadicam steadies your iPhone videos


For those of you that use your iPhone for video on a regular basis, this odd accessory might make life a little less shaky for you.  At the very least it’ll make your video stop bouncing so bad you give viewers motion sickness.  Of course it’s debatable whether anyone would care enough about a low resolution video to buy an accessory to steady the shot.  However, if you are extremely reliant on your iPhone’s video this could be a nice addition to your iPhone accessories.

Frankly, it seems to me that if you cared enough to do this then you would probably just buy a regular video camera with a better quality image.  Plus part of the perk of catching video on your iPhone is that it’s much more portable and it’s always handy.  If you had to pop this on it, it would take away that ability to just catch a quick video.  The Steadicam is lightweight though and at least a little portable.  Obviously it’s not going to be something you stash in your pocket, but it is portable.

Source: Crunchgear