Stay Clean with the Tire Condom

Flat Tire ConciergeGetting a flat tire is inconvenient at the best of times and often, to add insult to injury, you end up getting your clothes covered in grime while putting on the spare.

Well a solution is at hand via the Flat Tire Concierge, consisting of a mat to kneel on, a pare of rubber gloves and a condom for your tire (or tyre if you want to spell it properly:)).

The sales spiel goes on to say:

Change a flat without ruining your clothes
Until now, it’s been almost impossible to avoid ruining your pants or shirt when confronted with a flat tire. The Flat Tire Concierge keeps the grit and grime away from you while you do what needs to be done. Inside its compact storage case is a mat to kneel on, a pair of protective gloves, and a full-size elastic tire tote that slips over the tire (up to 31” dia.), letting you handle it while staying squeaky clean.

Available from Sportys found on Book of Joe