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Keep yourself warm in the woods with the V3-Pocket Bellow

Pocket Bellows

When you’re doing some old-fashioned camping where you only bring what you can carry on your back, you really need to think through every item that goes in your bag. Any added weight that is unnecessary is only going to affect you, and not in a good way. You really have to think through want versus need, as getting yourself lost and having an extra cup or bowl isn’t going to do you much good.

Aside from water, food, and shelter, having a fire going is a pretty important aspect to have. Getting more than a small spark and growing it into a full-fledged flame takes some doing, and having some bellows can help with that. We’ve all seen them in a foundry or forge in movies and on TV, but this V3-Pocket Bellow is not what you would picture.

This is a collapsible metal tool that will help you keep your face out of the fire, and helps stoke it too. Lots of research was done on finding the right sized opening and type of metal to be used to make sure it does the best job that it can. You’ll blow into the big end of this stainless steel collapsible tube so that the air going out of the other end is extremely focused. It extends to 20”, and is small enough to go in your pocket when it’s collapsed. This is going to cost you around $12.50, and should be a convenient way to make starting a fire all the easier.

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