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The Starry WiFi Station makes the Internet more understandable

Starry Wi-Fi Station

Having access to the Internet seems as important to us as breathing. It keeps us connected to family and friends, makes sure we’re in the know with what’s happening in the world, gives us entertainment, and answers all of our questions. While we pay for Internet access at home, it can be frustrating when the Wi-Fi isn’t working and you don’t know why.

If Wi-Fi seems like something that is fueled by magic, then having a way to educate yourself about it without having to dig for the right questions to ask would be quite useful. The Starry Wi-Fi Station aims to do just that, by providing you with answers at a glance to the “health” of your Internet at home. This is a small system that will update when you approach, showing you how many devices are using Wi-Fi. This is represented by way of dots that vary in size to show how much data they’re using, where blue ones indicate being healthy and the red ones show that issues are present.

This system also runs speed tests frequently to make sure you’re getting the speed you’re paying for. Through the app, you can also set network-wide rules to make sure kids aren’t using their phones during bedtime, set up guest networks, and share your network name and password with friends. It is currently available for pre-order for $349.99, and will start shipping soon. This is a good way to give yourself an introduction into how your Wi-Fi works and have a constant visual representation of that information, but it’s a pricey learning tool.

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