Stargate Coasters

Love the Stargate series? Fret not, you are not going to open up any wormholes in your home to turn it upside down when an alien visits you with the Stargate Coasters, where they will retail anywhere from $24.99 to $29.99, depending on the model (SG-1 or Stargate Universe). I would not be surprised to hear from some of you that this was unearthed from some Egyptian sand dune or abandoned excavation site considering the amount of detail that was invested into the production process, but chances are, this is mass manufactured in some factory over at China.
Boasting felt-feet that ensures your tabletop remains unscratched, these coasters will measure 4.57″ in diameter and makes for the perfect ice breaker at any party, especially when the folks you invite over start to chat about Stargate and displaying their sci-fi side of them which you never knew existed before. It would be cooler if future versions had this glowing display to simulate the perfect wormhole effect, although the price might just increase five-fold then.