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The Staresso Coffee Maker crafts caffeinated drinks on the go


When you like coffee, you don’t just get one drip coffee pot and call it a day. Most people who are really into coffee can’t help but have a drip brew method for when guests are over, a french press for mornings, a travel size for when you’re at the office, and various other machines and gadgets to make coffee however you like it, whenever you want it. If you haven’t started your army of machinery just yet, then fear not, as more coffee gadgets surface on a daily basis.

The Staresso is a portable coffee maker that can do anything from a normal cup of Joe to a cappuccino and frothy milk. This is capable of up to 15 bars of pressure to brew hot or cold coffee in a fraction of the time, and in the case of cold brew, with much lower acidity. Through this device you’ll be able to make cold brew coffee in a few minutes rather than over the course of several hours. It’s a simple setup that can be cleaned easily, and will fit in your bag without taking up much space.

You’ll be looking at paying out $59.99, but with that amount saving you on running to Starbucks every other hour it’ll pay for itself pretty quickly. The only downside with these is that they don’t heat up the water for you, so you’ll have to boil water ahead of time or deal with cold brew on a more frequent basis. The plus side is that it is easy to clean through its open design that will make accessing all the parts a breeze.

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