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Starburst Recycled Boombox

For those of you that are eco-conscious with a serious sweet tooth, then this is the set of speakers for you.  It’s a boombox made out of an old Starburst box, giving you a constant reminder of your candy cravings.  I suppose that might be considered a good thing for those trying to curb their cravings, but if you don’t mind them then you’ll be just fine.  In addition to being eco-friendly, it gives you a convenient spot to place your MP3 player.

Although it looks a little like it has a dock, it’s just a small cut-out area to hold your MP3 player.  It’s the perfect size for an iPod Touch or iPhone.  In order to play your music, you just plug it into your MP3 player like you would a pair of headphones.  Then it will play the music through the two speakers built-into the old candy box.  You can purchase it for $18 through Urban Outfitters.  You can choose between the Starburst box or a Skittles one.

Source: ChipChick