Starbucks has interactive touchscreens in front of their stores, for some reason

This is a shot of a front from a Starbucks in either Toronto and Vancouver. For some reason, Starbucks has decided to put some interactive screens on the front of their coffee shops in these cities.
I’m not certain why, but I’m sure that it is related to selling over-priced coffee. Anyway, there is a video after the jump which shows the set-up, which involves a vinyl screen, projector, and gesture controls.
I can’t really see what to do with these touchscreen displays except do some sort of silly game where you mix up some tea.
I see some sort of future where every store has one of these. I would imagine that it would attract a lot of customers, wouldn’t it? Of course, you would probably have problems with loiterers. Not to mention the weird electronic aesthetic it would turn the streets into. If you think Tokyo and Times Square are gaudy, just picture every shop with one of these!
Is there any way that these touchscreens could be made so that they could take orders? Then, you can order up your coffee, play on the touchscreen like an iPhone game, and then have some alert tell you its ready. All you have to do then is walk in and pay for it.

Starbucks Interactive Storefront from The Media Merchants on Vimeo.


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