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Star Wars Steins get the mood right

sw-steinWe all know that even if you are not a huge Star Wars fan, this does not mean that you are not looking forward to the brand new Star Wars VII release at the end of this year. It is sure as heck going to be a hit at the box office, although just how much of a hit will it be, remains to be seen. Having said that, you can be sure that the marketing machinery for the Star Wars franchise has not stopped nor slowed, and we have new $49.99 Star Wars Steins that are certainly an improvement over the previous beer steins like that of Darth Vader!

Depending on your taste in the affiliation of the Force, you can choose from Boba Fett, Darth Vader, or R2-D2, where these massive steins will be able to hold 22 oz. of your favorite beverage. Not only that, they also look great when displayed on a shelf as a collectible, so it does look as though it is a win-win situation for just about everyone – the giver or the receiver. In fact, they also measure 9″ in height and tip the scales at slightly more than 2 lbs. each, and these officially licensed Star Wars merchandise will feature a pewter thumb lift to boot.