Star Wars R2D2 Lunch Bag with Sound

This is definitely the droid that you are looking for if you are hungry and always pack your lunch to work. After all, R2D2 has served many a mission with the Rebel Alliance in the past, and here he is yet again with another mission – to make sure that you will remain nice and full in order to continue work for the rest of the afternoon. Yes sir, the world’s favorite astromech droid is now available in lunch bag form, complete with push button for beeps, boops, and lights.
It is made out of 100% PVC, and for health concerns, it is BPA free so that you know for sure you are not having any kind of unwanted poisons in your body that is accumulated over the years. Thanks to the $19.99 Star Wars R2D2 Lunch Bag with Sound, you are able to be amused by its bleeps and boops, while munching on your favorite sandwich (or whatever else that the missus has packed for you, of course). .