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Star Wars Paper Toys leaves you wanting for more

star-wars-paper-toysStar Wars fans will surely have marked down the special date in December, as Episode VII is ready and waiting to be released. In fact, we can expect more and more trailers in the months ahead, since we are just close to one more quarter away to the movie’s release. If you cannot get enough of Star Wars, then perhaps it is time to satiate that fever with a little bit of, well, what shall we call it, “side dishes” while waiting for the main course. The £16.99 Star Wars Paper Toys might be perfect for those long road trips or cabin holidays, as it can transform a sheet of paper into your favourite intergalactic villain.

Not only that, the result of your handiwork will definitely make your home look a whole lot cooler, and the best part is, the Star Wars Paper Toys are incredibly simple to construct, so you will not end up tearing your hair out at the end of the day, trying to piece everything together. It seems that Darth Vader is not happy even with so many different kinds of merchandise released in his guise, as he has also enrolled himself to be one of the two iconic characters for the Star Wars Paper Toys range, the other being the “can’t aim for nuts” Stormtrooper. Just a few folds, some glue, and you’re done!

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