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Star Wars Mighty Minis Darth Vader scares your phone into going the extra distance

mighty_minis_vaderWhen it comes to the number of recognizable screen villain that we know of, one of them would definitely be able to come to mind easily due to his imposing presence as well as the kind of family connections that adds a twist to the silver screen – Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. He was one of the most powerful Force users ever, surpassing even that of Palpatine himself until he suffered from the horrendous injuries on the volcanic planet of Mustafar. Well, Darth Vader proves that he still packs quite a punch in the form of the $9.99 Star Wars Mighty Minis Darth Vader, as this particular portable power bank delivers up to 3 hours of extra use time thanks to standard AA batteries.

The use of AA batteries makes it easier to bring around with you whenever you decide to travel, simply because you can more or less get AA batteries anywhere. Be sure to make use of non-rechargeable batteries, however, and also to ensure that you only use it to power smaller devices like smartphones rather than tablets. This is an officially licensed piece of Star Wars merchandise and is also a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, deliver additional juice as and when required thanks to a microUSB port.