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Star Wars Lookalites light up your room with the lantern menace

sw-lookaliteSleeping without a night light on somewhere, or a lamp right beside you where you have the comfort of knowing that you can switch it on anytime that you like just in case you need to retrieve something, can be quite unsettling. Hence, you might want to take some time to actually consider just what kind of night light that you would like to have in your bedroom or even in the living room. Make the right choice, or you will regret it later, and since the upcoming Star Wars VII movie is about to arrive in a year’s time, you might as well get ready for the onslaught of Star Wars merchandise that will flood the market next year by picking up this cute looking £19.99 Star Wars Lookalites!

The Star Wars Lookalites will be able to light up the dark side of your bedroom using their soothing glow. It will arrive in two different designs – the stumpy Stormtrooper and dumpy Darth Vader, and you need not fret about these being deemed to be fakes since they have been officially licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd. Apart from that, their flexibility in use is also legendary, just like the exploits of young Luke Skywalker, since they can run on batteries, microUSB cable and the force. All right, not the force, but the first two mentioned. It will need a trio of AAA batteries to be exact if you would like to go portable, and they will make use of energy-efficient LEDs to get the job done.