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Star Wars Lightsaber Dive Sticks ensures the Force is with you wherever you are

lightsaber_dive_sticksIf there ever was a coolest hand-to-hand weapon in the realm of science fiction and all things imaginary, you cannot get any cooler than the lightsaber. If a Star Trek phaser were to be shot in the direction of a proficient lightsaber exponent, chances are the blasts will be deflected back in no time, and disabling or even killing the blaster wielder instead. Well, there has been many different lightsaber replicas in the past, but this one offers a more creative take to the situation – it is actually a set of two Lightsaber Dive Sticks, retailing for $14.99 per set.

Sporting water-activated light-up action, you will be able to see it light up in green for Yoda as well as blue for Luke Skywalker, not to mention sporting character-specific hilts. Definitely a fun tool to have if you would want to help that little Padawan of yours start to learn how to swim, as you throw this toy into the pool and your little one goes after it as it sinks to the bottom slowly but surely. Best to use these at night, I am sure. Do bear in mind that the use of this Lightsaber Dive Stick should always be monitored by an adult. The thing is, once the button cell batteries are out, you cannot replace them – for safety reasons, of course.